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Our History

Tracing Nagaad's Transformation

Embark on a captivating journey through the inspiring narrative of Nagaad. From its humble beginnings as a family business in rural Somalia, to weathering the storm of conflict and reemerging as a true Social Enterprise focused on empowerment and sustainability, discover the remarkable story of resilience and community-driven success.

Nagaad Resins and Gums (Nagaad Gums) began in the late 1940s as a family business in rural Somalia. It was based on naturally and sustainably harvesting resins and gums from various tree species; as a means of adding value to the communities while conserving the environment and providing a steady source of income. With harvesting taking place across the country, the business progressed considerably until the late 1980s.

Unfortunately, the business had to be put on hold in the early 1990s. The primary reason was the advent of the civil war in Somalia, as it was no longer safe to travel and source for resins and gums. However, after more than two decades, Nagaad Gums re-opened for business in 2015. The Company is now a true Social Enterprise with the advancement of their communities as their priority: a business that “works with the communities and for the communities”.

This re-opening was under the strict guidance of the founders, from whom the next generation received the mantle. With further research, state-of-the-art production facilities, and developed distribution channels, the new Nagaad Gums and Resins is a community-based business that largely includes numerous East African communities.

The efficiency and flexibility of Nagaad Gums & Resins plant facilities are sophisticated and satisfy its customers. We also find ways to blend these skills with modern technologies to provide products of optimum value and quality. Transparency plays a huge role in this because all Nagaad resins and gums (raw or processed) can be traced from harvesting up to the finished product stage.

Many communities form a wide network of partnerships that help with the harvest and supply of gums and resins of the company. This has become a profitable source of income for many members of the community. Due to this, Nagaad Gums and Resins is keen on educating communities and disseminating information supporting Environmental sustainability.

Thus should continually improve the quality of life of the people regardless of how bad/tight the economy is. As result of that, Nagaad Company has obtained International Organic and standard certifications, and  is a member of the National and International bodies. Nagaad is licensed for gum and Resin collection in East African Regions.

Centralised operations are run by a processing factory in Kenya, UAE and UK. The quality of the products is tested and analysed by new-age technologies equipped with EU-accredited laboratory facilities. Eventually, there is a standard to meet and hopefully surpass. A lot of resources were channelled into developing community initiatives and educating the people on the disadvantages of uncontrolled logging of these precious trees. The company endeavoured to explain that the trees much more valuable standing than being cut. However, this was a bit tasking as they were able to identify about twenty-two (22) ways the trees are used by these communities, asides from harvesting gum and resin.

A few changes have been made

Nagaad Gums continually evolves with the ever-changing dynamics in the Region. This is done by re-engineering the Management Team, acquiring modern top-quality processing facilities, and developing a unique ‘essential oils and cosmetics’ processing factory.Also, they review their distribution channels consistently by decentralising it while updating their knowledge from this sector. In addition to this, Community partnership is integral part of a long-term business continuation and harvesting sustainable way. We have also formed Joint research & development Programs with National and International industry Professionals.

Protecting Our Precious Natural Environment

About half of the world’s forests are gone as a result of Deforestation, and only 20% of the remaining forests are considered to be “intact”.

Sadly, Deforestation has greatly affected the Savannah and Arid regions of Eastern Africa. Due to constant logging and unchecked charcoal trade, these regions have been overly exploited, devastated, and deforested. The forests are responsible for the following: soil enrichment, Desertification Prevention, Soil Stabilization, Feed for both livestock and wildlife, Maintenance of Agricultural Elements and Conditions, Source of Income, and Provision of Shade and Shelter to members of the Communities.

The vision holders of Nagaad Gums are passionate about Environmental Preservation through sustainable harvesting from trees and forests in Eastern Africa. As a result of this, they are proactively providing a better, more viable alternative to the logging and charcoal trade, which is, obtaining gums and resins from these trees using sustainable harvesting methods. Equipped with relevant information, The Nagaad Team consistently reaches out to local administrative units and local government bodies as an initiative to create awareness on the importance of tree and forest conservation. They reach out by visiting the various communities at homes sites, workplaces, watering points and festivals (e.g., feast gatherings).